KITTANNING – The following events and lunch menus have been announced for the various Armstrong County Area Agency on Aging senior centers for October:

Upcoming Events

• Distant — Oct. 6, Veggie Day and bingo; Oct. 11, Center Pizza Party at 3 p.m. at the Stumble Inn; Oct. 13, Cookie Day and bingo; Oct. 20, Fruit Day and bingo; Oct. 27, Donut Day and bingo.

• Bradys Bend — Open Mondays and Wednesdays with socialization each day. Center closed on Oct. 10.

• Dayton — Baking, games, puzzles, socialization, music and Wii every weekday. Oct. 6, Site Council meeting at 9:30 a.m.; Oct. 10, closed; Oct. 18, final sign-up for magician; Oct. 19, magician Richard Benninghoff at 10:30 a.m.; Oct. 26, Fall Party; Oct. 31, Halloween, snacks and costumes.

• Parker — Open Monday through Thursday, with cards and socialization each day. Oct. 3, bingo at 10 a.m.; Oct. 4, Fall Arrangements with Vickie Beuth at 10 a.m.; Oct. 10, center closed; Oct. 17, bingo at 10 a.m.; Oct. 19, wear yellow or brown; Oct. 24, bingo at 10 a.m.; Oct. 31, bingo at 10 a.m.

Lunch Menu

Oct. 3, western omelet; Oct. 4, BBQ chicken breast; Oct. 5, pot roast; Oct. 6, creamy Parmesan pork chop; Oct. 7, spaghetti and meatballs; Oct. 10, centers closed; Oct. 11, roast beef and cheddar croissant; Oct. 12, hot dog; Oct. 13, Salisbury steak; Oct. 14, baked cabbage roll; Oct. 17, taco salad; Oct. 18, Swedish meatballs; Oct. 19, chili; Oct. 20, baked cod; Oct. 21, grilled chicken sandwich; Oct. 24, popcorn chicken; Oct. 25, sloppy joe; Oct. 26, stuffed pepper; Oct. 27, stuffed pork chop; Oct. 28, turkey chef salad; Oct. 31, baked meatloaf.

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