THE GREENBURG CADILLAC MUSEUM will be open to the public during Brookville’s Laurel Festival.

BROOKVILLE – The Greenberg Cadillac Museum, a private collection of 70-plus fully restored Cadillacs spanning the decades from 1905 to the present, will be open for the first time during Brookville’s upcoming Laurel Festival.

Located at 67 South White Street in Brookville, the museum will be open from Thursday through Sunday, June 17-20, from 3 to 8 p.m.

The Cadillac Collection started when a young eye surgeon, Dr. Steven Greenberg, moved from Detroit to Brookville in 1973 at the wheel of his beloved 1966 Cadillac. That was to be the first vehicle in a collection that has now expanded to be the largest in the country. As he built his ophthalmology practice and saw it grow to a multi-center institution which has restored the eyesight of many tens of thousands of patients, he never lost his love for cars and specifically for Cadillacs. Upon retirement from eye surgery, to “keep his hands busy,” he began to collect and restore vintage Cadillacs. With the aid and tutelage of local automotive artisans, he now spends his days rebuilding the cars mechanically and cosmetically, bringing them back to factory-correct specifications, a labor that involves everything from engine rebuilding to paint and upholstery.

“This collection of the finest American luxury cars is my passion, and I am excited to share these beautiful automobiles for the first time,” said Greenberg. “Due to a partnership with the Jefferson County Historical Society, we hope to have the Cadillac collection open to the public on a regular basis.”

The Cadillac Museum is presented in partnership with the Jefferson County Historical Society which manages the Jefferson County History Center, Scripture Rocks Heritage Park, and the Brady-Craig House and Margaret Johnson Archives on Jefferson Street. Located on Main Street, the History Center contains nine galleries and 12 exhibit areas totaling 9,000 square feet of exhibit space, a research library, a gift shop, and staff offices. Scripture Rocks Heritage Park, located on Route 28 near the Hazen exit of Interstate 80, is part of the JCHS plan to take history into the community.

Admission is by donation only with all proceeds benefitting the Jefferson County Historical Society.

For more information, visit, or

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