CLARION – Approximately 100 Clarion County military service veterans passed away between April, 22, 2022 and April 19 of this year, according to Clarion County Director of Veteran Affairs Rodney L. Sherman.

The Veterans Affairs office tracks the passing of county veterans and releases the tally each year before Memorial Day.

According to the informal data, of those more than 100 veterans, six served during World War II; 10 served during the Korean War; seven served during the Korean War Era; 18 served in Vietnam; 12 served during the Vietnam War Era; three served in the Gulf War and one served during the Gulf War Era; 34 served during peacetime; four served in the National Guard or Reserves; and three county veterans’ military service was during an unspecified period. Some veterans served during more than one designated period.

Deceased veterans include:


Memorial Park

  • Oren L. Solida, Peacetime.
  • Gerald E. Byers, Vietnam.
  • David L. Best, Vietnam.
  • Leland R. Dunkle, National Guard.
  • David C. Elliott, Vietnam.
  • Lloyd G. Bachman, Peacetime.
  • Ralph H. Minich, Peacetime.
  • William M. Motosicke, Korea.

Clarion Cemetery

  • Edward L. Elliott, WW II.
  • Gilbert E. Slaugenhaupt, Vietnam.
  • Todd A. Bashline, Gulf War.

Concord Cemetery

  • Russel B. Wetzel, Korea.

Fisher Presbyterian Cemetery

  • Edward G. Clowney, WW II.

Hawthorn Cemetery

• Thomas B. Smith Sr., Peacetime.


Conception Cemetery

  • Theodore T. Mitrosky, Korea.

Knox Union Cemetery

  • George W. Freeman, Korea.
  • Harold “Bud” Price, Peacetime.



  • Ronald H. Foringer, Peacetime.
  • David Alan Delp, Vietnam.

Miola Cemetery

  • James D. McCleary, Korea.
  • Ronald B. Cummings, Korea.
  • Edward T. McClain, Vietnam.

Perry Chapel


  • Francis T. Baran, Peacetime.

Presbyterian Brick Church Cemetery

  • Michael L. Elder, Peacetime.
  • Benjamin P. Sherman, Peacetime.

Rimersburg Cemetery

  • Clayton E. Rhodes, Korea.
  • Walter J. Henry, Peacetime.
  • Robert A. Burt Jr., Vietnam.
  • Dr. O.D. Crawford, Unspecified.
  • Roy E. Summerville, Vietnam.
  • Jonette L. Roland, Vietnam.
  • Donald A. Stemmerich, Korea.

Salem (Frogtown) Cemetery

  • Norman F. LaBarre Jr., Peacetime.

Salem United

(Rural Valley)

  • W. Dale Shelter, Peacetime.

Sligo Cemetery

  • Roy T. Hile, Korea.
  • Wesley “Pat” Sherman, Peacetime.

Starr Cemetery

  • Lawrence Shoup, Peacetime.
  • John A. Baughman, Peacetime.
  • W. Dean Weaver, Peacetime.

St. Charles Catholic Cemetery

  • James J. Stepulla, Peacetime.

St. Eusebius Cemetery

Latest Videos

  • Richard L. Greenawalt, Vietnam.
  • Thomas R. Criner, Peacetime.
  • Roy J. Guntrum, Korea.

St. Paul Union

  • William L. Shaner, Korea.
  • Cecil R. Ashbaugh, Peacetime.

St. Petersburg


  • Robert L. Montgomery, WW II.

St. Joseph’s Cemetery

  • Raymond L. Seitz, Vietnam.
  • William J. Wolbert, Vietnam.
  • W. Roger Wilson, Vietnam.
  • Lawrence B. Gatesman Jr., Vietnam.

St. Michael’s Cemetery

  • Russell J. Smerkar, Vietnam.
  • Norbert S. Ochs, WW II.

West Freedom


  • Alvine Leroy Best, Vietnam.



St Joseph’s Cemetery

  • John A Gatesman, Reserves.


Conception Cemetery

  • Victor J. Troese, Vietnam.

Paradise Cemetery

  • John L. Minich, Peacetime.

Salem Church


  • Joseph A. Ritts, WW II.

Sligo Cemetery

  • Carl P. Redick, Peacetime.

Venus Cemetery

  • Ryan S. Steer, Persian Gulf.

Fern Trinity


  • Kenneth Kaber, Vietnam.
  • Claude E. Gray, Peacetime.

Perry Chapel


  • Robert Groner, Vietnam.

Hawthorn Cemetery

  • Arnold M. Radaker, WW II.



  • John S. Ziegler, Korea-Vietnam.
  • John D. Cole, Vietnam, Crawford County.
  • Mervin L Kahle, Peacetime, Jefferson County.
  • Paul L Jones, Persian Gulf.
  • Donald D. Nicewonger, Korea.
  • Robert B. McElravy, Vietnam.



  • Daniel S. Boehme Sr., Vietnam.
  • Frederic T. Todd, Vietnam.
  • William B. Hiles Sr., Peacetime.
  • Charles Costan, Vietnam.
  • Gary P. Perry, Peacetime.
  • Patrick O. Baker, Peacetime.
  • David Betchel, Peacetime.
  • Dan D. Davis, Peacetime (Reserves).
  • Ronald L. Wilhelm Jr., Peacetime.
  • Kenneth W. Orsino, Vietnam.
  • George R. Larimer, Korea/Vietnam.
  • Jonathan L. Sheehan, Vietnam.
  • Robert C. Wingard, Persian Gulf.
  • David G. Richardson, Peacetime (Reserves).
  • Robert L. Jackson, Peacetime.
  • Clyde M. Shumaker, Vietnam.
  • Leonard “Sony” L. Hoffman, Peacetime.
  • Paul B. Flockerzi, Vietnam.
  • Richard L. Reese, Vietnam.
  • Richard G. Boddof, Korea.
  • William W. Kapp, Korea.
  • Charles E. Jeannerat, Peacetime.
  • Larry Charles Smith Sr., Korea.
  • Julius Turteltaub, Korea/Vietnam.
  • Stanley B. Kline, Peacetime.
  • Gerald “Jerry” McFarland, Vietnam.
  • William D. Beveridge Sr., Peacetime.
  • Robert J. Schiffhouer, Vietnam.

For additions and corrections, contact Rodney L. Sherman director of Veterans Affairs at the county administration building, located at 330 Main St. in Clarion or by calling (814) 226-4000, Ext. 2601 or email