TOBY TWP. – A 33-year-old Rimersburg man was accused of driving under the influence of a controlled substance following an incident on Sept. 10 at 8:15 p.m. in Toby Township.

In addition to three counts of DUI, James Almon Greenawalt III was charged with one count each of operating a vehicle without insurance, driving a vehicle while operating privilege is suspended or revoked, failing to carry a license, failing to activate hazard lights while stopped along a highway and careless driving.

According to court documents, state police were on patrol in Toby Township when they observed Greenawalt traveling south along Route 68 in a 2011 Ford Edge that had a suspended registration due to insurance cancelation. A traffic stop was conducted at the intersection of Route 68 and Carrick Road.

During the stop, Greenawalt reportedly told police that his driver’s license was suspended, and the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend.

Police said Greenawalt was visibly shaking, appeared jittery, and had red and swollen hands. He also had watery, bloodshot eyes and constricted pupils.

Greenawalt allegedly denied to taking any prescription medication or medical marijuana that day, explaining to the troopers that he “was just nervous.”

Reports state that a background check on Greenawalt showed that he had an active arrest warrant for simple assault out of Clarion County.

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When asked if he had ever used harder drugs, police said Greenawalt explained that he used to do heroin but got clean with suboxone. When asked if he was still using suboxone, Greenawalt initially avoided eye contact and stumbled his words, saying he was trying to remember the last time he had taken it.

Later, he allegedly admitted to taking about a fourth of a strip of suboxone earlier that morning. When questioned about possible methamphetamine use, Greenawalt reportedly denied that he had taken the drug that day, explaining that he had recently stopped doing it because meth had “ruined his life.”

Police said Greenawalt showed signs of impairment while completing field sobriety tests, and he refused to do a drug recognition expert evaluation.

He was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI and transported to Clarion Hospital for a blood test. He was then booked at the Clarion County Jail on his arrest warrant, where he again denied taking any other drugs other than suboxone, reports state.

On Oct. 21, police said, toxicology results showed that Greenawalt’s blood contained amphetamine and methamphetamine.

Charges were filed Nov. 7 by Trooper Kurtis Jacoby with District Judge Jeffrey C. Miller.

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