People who love autumn finally got their wish this past weekend. Fall weather arrived with a vengeance.

In my last article I managed quite successfully to avoid making any sensible point at all. Today I’ll have another go at it.

This will be a very special column. The background to it is that, in the past two months, I have experienced the deaths of eight people with whom I have been acquainted.

Sometimes, in fact often, it seems as though we are living in episode after episode of “The Twilight Zone.” For those too young to remember, this was a weekly television show that featured bizarre, unbelievable things. Sadly, our country seems to be in the same situation. Let’s look at a few…

Hold your head high if you backed Biden and his communist cronies. Our great nation has been sunk to an all-time low. We are no longer a super power because of the “Demon-crats.” These idiots have made us the laughing wimps in the world. Biden’s buddies (China) are sitting there to take over…

Pennsylvania ranks 45th among the states nationwide in its share of education funding. Within Pennsylvania we have a lack of equity in the funding of our local schools.

I never thought in my lifetime I’d see the day our country would be in the shape it’s in due to Schumer, Sanders, Obama, Booker, Nadler, OAC, Omar and all the other anti-Americans.

Today is Oct.11 and the mercury is supposed to reach 75 this afternoon. Still, the house is a little chilly first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like cooking a pot of beans to warm things up.