Last week, Josh asked his bevy of correspondents if they had any spooky stories for an upcoming L-V edition. I’m at a loss because all mine kind of stopped in 1973, and they weren’t that scary to begin with.

During President Biden’s speech on Sept. 9 announcing a national vaccine mandate, he said, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.” “And your refusal has cost all of us.”

Children are little beings just bursting with energy and the wild untamed emotions of puppy love. VHS tapes and players were all the rage during my childhood. We rented old movies from Rite Aide or Davidson’s every weekend, and I was forever falling in love with the handsome leading men and …

Wow! There is just so much material that one hardly knows where to start. I think we will go with one of the dumbest things of all. That would be product labels.

As I write this week’s column on Sept. 13, the weather forecast says that we are looking at 80-degree days for another week. This is to be followed by another four or five weeks of balmy weather. I’ll take it.

There used to be some weeks when I was at a loss to find a topic for this column. Those were the good old days. This week, I don’t know where to start.

What makes a star a star? Why are celebrities more special than your next door neighbor?

A huge, equipped airfield abandoned in the dead of night. Dead Marines. Afghan friends of America hanging by their neck from light posts. Billions of dollars worth of U.S. weapons and equipment in the hands of our enemies.

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It’s hurricane season, so I guess we need to talk about the weather this week. It used to be a safe topic, but you never know these days.

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Well, dear readers, by the time this issue comes out, Labor Day will be almost upon us. Although we still have a couple of weeks left on the calendar, Labor Day serves as the unofficial end of summer. The signs of fall are all around. The leaves are not quite as green as they once were. The …