The mid-term election Red Wave turned out to be a Red Trickle. But why? According to Democrats, it was because voters found Republicans “too extreme” on abortion, the January 6 riots and election integrity.

Kind of.

Rimersburg Rules agrees with New Hampshire’s GOP Governor Chris Sununu, who said: “I think Lindsey Graham, talking about abortion, nationalizing an abortion ban weeks before the election, did no one any help.” And here’s the Democrat’s secret sauce: “I think some of the discussion on Social Security and Medicare out of Washington, that made people scared on that issue, did nobody any help.”

First, the short version on abortion. In September, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a bill to ban most abortions nationwide starting at 15 weeks of pregnancy. It motivated the Democratic base, had no effect on the already motivated GOP base and, since Dems controlled Congress and the White House, had zero chance of passing. So you’re stoking up your opponent’s base — while yours is already stoked — in support of a bill that has zero chance of passing.

Hey Lindsey, let’s ban stupid starting at two months before a mid-term.

Talking about stupid, now to Social Security, the Democrat’s secret sauce.

Every national election Democratic operatives in the media ask Republicans about Social Security, and every election at least one stupid Republican, currently Senator Rick Scott, talks about “reforming it.” The media spins “reform” as cuts and termination, no matter what the actual proposal is. That terrifies part of the natural base of the GOP, old people who don’t want their kids’ jobs offshored, grandkids groomed or taught race hate, but also know the difference for most seniors between modest comfort and poverty in retirement is Social Security and Medicare.

This is what Scott proposed, “All federal legislation sunsets in 5 years. If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again.” Just so we’re clear, two of the laws on the books are Medicare and the Social Security Act. Which means every five years seniors get to wonder if they’ll be impoverished or comfortable. Pathetically, Scott went on television after he made his suicidal proposal promising he would never, ever, touch Social Security.

If you’re a senior, why take a chance? Vote Blue! And enough seniors did to give us the result we got.

Social Security doesn’t need reformed, it needs money. The Social Security Board of Trustees projects program costs to rise so that by 2035 taxes will pay for only 75 percent of benefits. The Medicare Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund, absent congressional action, will become insolvent in 2026 and unable to fully cover the costs of beneficiaries.

Currently, Americans only pay Social Security tax on the first $160,200 of their income. Why? Everyone else has to pay tax on their entire income, why not the rich? You don’t “reform” Social Security, you raise the taxes on the rich, who are mostly woke Democrats busy offshoring our jobs and grooming our kids.

If you make under $200,000 you’re paying a 2.9 percent Medicare tax. Those making over $200,000 may be subject to an additional Medicare tax of 0.9 percent. Poor babies.

Here’s an idea, idiot Republicans — raise the $160,200 Social Security cap until it’s high enough that the program is solvent for the next 20 years. Raise the additional Medicare tax until it’s high enough that the program is solvent for the next 20 years. Not only are you doing the right thing, you’re doing the smart thing.

IRS data shows that Democrats represent 65 percent of taxpayers with a household income of $500,000 or more, while 74 percent of taxpayers in Republican districts have household incomes of less than $100,000.

Abortion opposition is a matter of principle, but you don’t have to be stupid about it. Social Security is a matter of principle as well, and right now the GOP is on the wrong side of the Secret Sauce.

[This is a column of opinion and satire. The author knows of no undisclosed facts. To comment or learn more, contact Lewis, at and click on Rimersburg Rules. Joseph Max Lewis is the author of “The Diaries of Pontius Pilate,” “Separation of Church and State,” “Baghdad Burning,” “Hell Rises” and “Final Warning.”]

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