Wow! There is just so much material that one hardly knows where to start. I think we will go with one of the dumbest things of all. That would be product labels.

I really miss some of the traditional food labels. For example, Aunt Jemima was an American icon for many, many years. There was nothing racist about the label. It simply represented a number of much loved comfort foods. The woman in the photo was paid for her image. Then, we have Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben’s rice was a staple since most of us can remember. Now, he’s gone. The same holds for the beautiful Native American girl on Land O’ Lakes products. The artist who painted her was a Native American. The whole label thing is just insane.

Now, we come to Afghanistan. Kabul has been compared to Saigon. They are totally different. With Saigon, President Ford ensured that every effort was made to get all Americans, and many Vietnamese out. Not so with Kabul. The Biden administration seems to have no trouble with leaving Americans, and our allies, behind. They are being left to the mercy of those who have no mercy. Of course, Biden blames it all on Trump. Trump announced the withdrawal, but do you really think that he intended for it to take place in this way? Or, would he have gotten Americans out, and taken the military equipment with them? Whether you like Trump or not, what would be your honest answer to this question?

Apparently the definition of hate crime has changed. Larry Elder, an African American, is running against ultra-liberal Gavin Newsom for governor of California. Recently, he was attacked by a woman wearing a gorilla mask. Just imagine if someone had done that to Obama. If wearing a gorilla mask to attack a black candidate running for office is not a hate crime, then what is?

Next up, we have vaccine mandates, something which Biden is attempting to force on the American people. While I got the vaccine, there are lots of people out there who don’t want it. If the idea of requiring employers to mandate the vaccine goes through, how many people will simply not get a job? Of course, some lazy folks will use it as an excuse to not work. But, there are many others who would love to have a job, but, for personal reasons, do not want the vaccine. Should they be forced to sacrifice their personal freedom in order to get a job?

Prices of many consumer items are going through the roof. A classic example is gasoline. Now, the Democrats are arguing that gas prices have nothing to do with who is in power. If that is the case, why did gas prices skyrocket as soon as Biden became our sort of President? Could canceling the Keystone Pipeline have anything to do with it? Also, many businesses are having trouble obtaining inventory, so prices for what is available are naturally rising. This is how the market economy works. There are a number of reasons for the shortages. One of them is government handouts. If you can bring in as much money by staying home as you can by working, many people will be motivated to stay at home. One cannot help but think that this a plot to destroy our economy.

We hear a lot about boycotts these days. I will use Coca-Cola as an example. What is the point of boycotting Coke products? They are a huge, multi-national corporation. If some of us refuse to buy their products, it’s no big deal to them. It is, however, a big deal to those who make their living in this country selling Coke products. They are the only people who would be hurt by a boycott. The same goes for many other products.

And, finally, mention must be made of a speech by former President George W. Bush. On 9/11, he referred to what he considered the biggest threat to the country. Was it al-Qaeda? Was it the Taliban? No, he referred to domestic terrorists, with the implication that conservatives, and Trump supporters, in particular, are the real threat. I was proud of him on 9/11. No longer.

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