Pennsylvania ranks 45th among the states nationwide in its share of education funding. Within Pennsylvania we have a lack of equity in the funding of our local schools.

I never thought in my lifetime I’d see the day our country would be in the shape it’s in due to Schumer, Sanders, Obama, Booker, Nadler, OAC, Omar and all the other anti-Americans.

If you dare, read all the way through. This is way better than the suspense Hollywood can provide you and is 100 percent true. It’s promised, so hang on tight for a white knuckled read.

Socialist Democrats are getting very close to their long term goal of overtaking America and what she stands for. The “prosperity” that we were enjoying under the Trump administration was just too much for Socialists, the left was seeing their power slipping away as the highest percentage of…

Bravo, Dan Carey, for your last two letters to the editor. I agree with everything you stated. Just because folks scream and yell, doesn’t mean that they are right (even though they think they are). And, just because we aren’t out there bullying and threatening people trying to do the right …

I had a question posed to me by a member of our community about arbitration. That question was, why not agree to non-binding arbitration and get the kids back in school now? After a somewhat short conversation, I thought maybe an explanation was warranted. My primary opposition to the union’…

Did you know grinches are not exclusive to Christmas? They also come into people’s yards and steal large wooden pumpkins out of fall displays.

In his recent letter in the Sept. 29-30 edition of The L-V, Fred Shick writes, “Did Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Stalwell or any ‘Demon-crats’ or any of the Squad get COVID? Sure looks suspicious. Maybe the COVID didn’t want anything to do with these evil people.”

If these “Demon-crats” hate this great nation that was built on Christian values, why don’t they leave and go to a country that has communism?

The deadly disease spreading in America is not COVID-19/Delta Variant. Why? Because America reached herd immunity this May, eliminating the pandemic. The deadly disease is the Cancer of Communism.