In his recent letter in the Aug. 25-26 edition of The L-V, “Doctor” William R. Strong asks “What can Americans do?” Luckily for the rest of us, the good “doctor” lists seven “prescriptions.” Time and space constraints allow me the ability to respond to only his seventh:

“7. Protest and legally resist all mandates. Stop wearing the ineffective masks for COVID virus.”

I don’t think the good doc went far enough. I think he would prescribe that you resist vaccinations, resist social distancing, and resist other impositions on your personal freedom. I encourage anyone who follows Strong’s advice to slap on your MAGA hat, look for a Trump rally to attend, hop on a plane and head on out — maybe to Florida, Texas, Alabama, or anywhere the stars and bars are flown. Sit shoulder to shoulder with other un-masked patriots and inhale heavily when they cough in your direction. Someday soon, you’ll be able to thank Strong for the outcome.


Falls Church, Va.

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