Blaine and Patricia Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Blaine (Patricia) Carlson

Blaine and Patricia Carlson celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary April 24.

They were married in Leesburg, VA, and have lived in several places in Pennsylvania as well as California, Massachusetts and South Carolina.

They have three children, Blaine (deceased), Dwayne and Kristin and their spouses, as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They also “claim” another daughter, Cheryl, who has been in their lives for some 30 years, as well as others.

Blaine served in the transportation area of several Fortune 500 companies and Patty enjoyed her work at a couple different credit unions as well other jobs while living in other areas.

The couple is starting to check off items on their bucket list; first on the list is going to Sight n Sound Production in Lancaster in May.

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