DuBOIS — Christ the King Manor, a Continuum of Care Retirement Community in DuBois, has reached a significant milestone this year — their 50th anniversary — and they have been “Celebrating by Giving” all year.

“It’s a very exciting year for Christ the King,” said CEO/Chief Administrator Paula Felton-Werner. “We’re so proud to be a part of the DuBois area and serving our seniors for 50 years.”

The story of Christ the King Manor, a Catholic healthcare facility, began in October 1971 with Msgr. John W. Mignot and the Diocese of Erie.

“Msgr. John Mignot was really the visionary, who was assigned by the Diocese of Erie to oversee this ambitious project. He had a lot of progressive thought in developing Christ the King in 1971,” said Felton Werner. “Just starting very small, he had a forethought of needing care and services for our seniors.”

In comparison to Christ the King’s campus today, Felton-Werner said the manor started small — 60 beds for nursing care and an infirmary — and since that time has experienced a number of changes and expansions.

“His (Mignot’s) vision really set the standard for what needed to be done; not only just needing skilled nursing care in 1971, but also as the years passed, we’re at 160 beds,” she said. “Plus adding a Personal Care division, independent Living Cottages (54 total) and Apartments (48 total), and then, of course our Home Support division, which we reach out into Jefferson and Clearfield counties to support individuals in their homes. It’s really progressed through the years, and having that forethought, 50 years ago, is truly amazing.”

Msgr. Mignot oversaw the construction of the manor in the late 1960s when initial plans for the manor were begun, and he served as the administrator for 33 years.

Additionally, Felton-Werner noted that CTKM officials also have undisclosed plans to further expand their services to support the seniors in the area.

With nearly 400 employees, the manor, located at 1100 W. Long Ave., is the seventh largest employer in Clearfield County, said Felton-Werner.

“We’re really proud of that,” she said. “We’d like to continue to be in that top 10 — the preferred provider for care, and preferred employer, as well.”

The manor averages nearly 300 admissions to the nursing division each year and about 60 percent are able to return home again after rehabilitation, she said. Also, Christ the King Manor is a non-profit organization with an annual budget of more than $20 million. Even though it is a Catholic facility, being of the Catholic faith is not a requirement for residency.

In honor of 50 years, the staff at Christ the King Manor have been celebrating all year in a special way, said Felton-Werner.

“Our team at Christ the King Manor has done a beautiful job leading the way in celebrating our 50 years,” she said. “Our overall theme, is ‘Celebrating by Giving.’ Starting in January, our employees have raised over $15,000 in funds to support various local organizations. They’ve done this month-over-month, and they will continue to do that through the end of the year.”

For example, employees have donated to the Gateway Humane Society, Parkside Community Center, DuBois/Sandy Fire Departments, the Penn Highlands Heart Center, Relay for Life, The Free Medical Clinic, the Alzheimer’s Association, Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging and the Suicide Prevention Association.

“We feel it is very important to give back to the community as well. Over the past 50 years, we’ve been blessed to have the support of these organizations, so we’re really trying to make sure we show our appreciation, not only to our employees, but also to the community,” said Felton-Werner.

“Since October of 1971 was the official opening of Christ the King Manor, on Friday, Oct. 1, we plan to have a huge celebration to thank our employees for all of their hard work,” said Felton-Werner. “We have such an appreciation for our staff members. Our frontline teams have been remarkable over the past 50 years, but especially in the last year and a half during the pandemic, which nobody expected. The commitment, and the love, and the heart, and passion that people have exhibited, is very inspiring to me, as the CEO.”

In recognition of the 50th celebration, on Saturday, Oct. 2, Bishop Lawrence T. Persico from the Diocese of Erie will visit Christ the King Manor to say Mass and provide blessing over the residents, employees and facilities of CTKM.

“It will be a beautiful milestone and opportunity for us to really reflect on what has been done in the 50 years at Christ the King Manor,” said Felton-Werner.

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