Corner Street Market and Deli former, current owners

Pictured (left to right) are former Corner Market and Deli Owners Bob Fields and Joan Herbstritt and current Owner Alicia Beck. Missing from the photo is Mary Ellen Badeau, daughter of original Owner Harry Swanson.

KERSEY — In an age when mom and pop convenience stores are rapidly being replaced by franchises and big box conglomerates, Kersey is fortunate to have a family-owned business that has survived and thrived for 87 years.

The Corner Market and Deli, located on lower Main Street across from the Fox Township Ambulance garage, was started in 1935 and was then known as Swanson Brothers Store. Albert, Harry and George Swanson rented the small store from the Foster family, who had operated a tobacco and candy store in that location for several years. When Mr. Foster died in 1947, the Swansons were told they either had to buy the building or close the store. They bought the building, established a grocery store, and the Swanson family moved into the attached house.

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