Congratulations! What a way to end the season! Memories galore!

Way to go Aimee! Good luck.

Nice article about a great group! Once again, another group I have never heard of, helping those in need! Thanks Bri

Great article Brianne, Lisa is a wonderful person and it is so great that you published this article so that locals will know of "services" no matter how small, that are available to them!

Wonderful article Brianne Fleming! You Rock!

Elaine, what a wonderful tribute to Rocky! I am sure he is smiling as he is waiting for you at the rainbow bridge.

Bri, Thank you for writing about adopting senior pets! I just recently adopted a middle-aged (5 yrs) beagle, and she is the sweetest thing. It does something to your heart knowing that you a giving a good forever home to an animal who might not have been living in the best conditions befor…

I just visited Nancy's new shop last week and made several purchases (shhhh don't tell my hubbie) I love the new location, plenty of parking and it flows right into the Nomadic Trading Company! I wish her all the luck in the world!

[smile]As always a Great article Bri!

jas1377 commented on Laurie Maiki serving food

Laurie's food is amazing! Her gluten free options allow those of us who have food issues to finally be able to eat out and have delicious options! A visit to Our Hometown Restaurant in Reynoldsville is a MUST for everyone!